Saturday, March 9, 2013

Could it be Mater?

 This is the truck that inspired the character Mater from the movie Cars.  The truck is owned by a person in my hometown of George West.  There was an article in the local George West newspaper about the truck and to my surprise I saw the truck the last time I was in George West.  I guess I was probably trespassing when I took the boys over to the truck, but after all it was could I resist???? I think I was as excited as the boys were.
 William asked me to look at the front of the truck and let him know if it had Mater's eyes and mouth on it.  He was a little disappointed when we realized it didn't quite have Mater's face.
Mater and the George West water tower in the background. 

Random Pics- Soccer, Dirt, etc.

 Westin and his favorite shirt.  He would literally wear this shirt every day if he could.  I'm not sure why he loves it so much.  He calls it his b ball shirt.
 Westin would give all of his other toys away to play in the dirt with his tractors and a shovel.
 William is getting better with his bike riding. 
 Sweet boys.
 William has started his second soccer season.  He's doing well so far.  

First Quarter of the Year Review

 I got my first love note from William in December.  He went in his room and wrote this note all by himself.  Warms my heart.
 New Year's Eve Gathering - Yes, those children do have fire in their hands.
 Yes, their moms do have champagne in their hands. We are all in such a fun stage of motherhood. 
 Trey and I took the boys to the San Antonio Children's Museum in January.  They are still talking about this place.
 Westin the Science Kid
 My future construction workers. They had a Bobcat for the boys to ride in with Trey. Westin loves all construction vehicles and loved the ride. 
 We even sat in a drumming class. There were about 20 kids in the class and they each had their own drum....need I say more.
 William loved the ball tubes.  He worked himself to death trying to fill the bucket so it would drop the balls on his head.
 Trey giving Westin an engineering lesson. 
 The fishing crew. 
 They all went to a tank in Canyon Lake to catch a lot of catfish.  William is really into catching, not fishing and this was the right place to take him.
Papa Tom fried the fish for dinner and they were very tasty.