Thursday, April 30, 2009

Gym Class

William has been going to a gym class for about a month at J&R in New Braunfels. Here are a few pictures that Trey took this week.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Additional Ranch Pictures

Dad, what is that animal?

I think this little donkey is adorable. I had to post him. He just needs a sombrero and a beer.

Trip to the Wildlife Ranch

Trey and I took William to the Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch yesterday. The weather was nice and William enjoyed seeing all of the different animals. If they had antlers or horns, they were called bucks. Most of everything else was a moo cow. Everyone needs a little hug.

He has a stuffed giraffe that he calls Raffi and so the giraffes were obviously named Raffi too.

Checking out the zebras.

I think this picture is funny. He looks like he is having a serious conversation with this goat.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Easter 2009

William's Uncle Tom gave him a tractor magazine and William enjoyed every page of it. In this picture he is showing his cousin Jarett all of the newest models.
Here is proof that William did pick-up one egg on his own. Unfortunately, the egg was shaped like a football so William threw it as far as he could.

William was admiring all of the Easter treasures that Great Grandmother Wojtasczyk, Aunt Joyce and Uncle Terry gave him. They are always so thoughtful!

Easter 2009

William wasn't very interested in hunting his own eggs. He found it more fun to take his cousin Alyssa's eggs. He definitely needs to work on his hunting skills.
On Easter Sunday Trey and I took William out to his family's ranch. This group of trees behind William and I were below Trey's knees when we started dating. It is so amazing to see how fast they have grown.

The perfect day - William is having his first taste of regular chocolate milk while riding in his daddy's "truck"!

William, Kate and Caroline are checking out their treats from the Easter Bunny.

If I could sum up William's favorite word and toy with one word at 18months it would be- "truck"! He talks about trucks every single day...."big truck, Daddy's truck, bye-bye truck".....on and on and on!!! Needless to say the Easter Bunny gave him the perfect gift...a truck!

Spaghetti Anyone?

William managed to get his spaghetti everywhere except his mouth. :)