Friday, July 1, 2011

Summer Outings

 William, Westin and I met Janice and Sunshine at "The Island" in New Braunfels yesterday. 
 There is unlimited amount of space, rocks and water.  What more could a little boy need. 
 Janice, Westin and Sunshine enjoying a picnic lunch. 
 Simon, Zachary, William and Annabelle
 William loved hanging out with the big kids. 
 Westin - 9 Months Old

Annabell was so helpful.  She let William drag her all over the river park.  She is such a nice young lady.

Patient Boys

 I am so excited that these two are starting to play together.  I am hopeful that they will grow-up to be the best of friends.
 Westin has been drug all over the place picking out stuff for our house.  He spent a whole day in San Antonio picking out counter tops and all the tile for our house.  He is very laid back ;) 
These two are troopers.  Here we are on one of our daily trips to our house.  We are so blessed two have two boys that, for the most part, go with the flow. 

Westin - 9 Month Football Picture

 Westin is now 9 months old.  If you look closely in this picture you can see that he is starting to get some curls on the back of his hair. He is now able to crawl on all fours, give kisses, pull-up on the couch and his bed.  He is still a good sleeper and eater. 
 Whoo-hoo... we are finally done with these pictures!
Westin started pulling up on his bed this week.