Friday, September 26, 2008

Comal County Fair

Cruising to the fair with Landon and Sydney.
Gently petting the calf.
I let William hold one of the baby chicks until he tried to squeeze it a little too tight.
William loved the petting zoo. He chased around a goat and this pig for awhile as he tried to hold on to his tail.
Fall picture at the fair.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Then and Now!

It has definitely gotten harder to take these picture. I will try to post a football picture every six months or so to still keep track of William's growth.

1 Year Pictures

Trey and I took William to have his 1 year pictures made this weekend. As I look a these pictures it is hard to believe how fast this year has gone and how wonderful William has made our lives. He is now running around the house, saying many words, kicking balls and getting into everything he can and we are enjoying every minute of it.

12 Month Football Picture

Take one....laying down on chair!

Take two....picking the ball up and saying "ball"..."daddy"!!!
Take three.....I can't take it anymore!Take four.....change of clothes and we are done for today! Needless to say we will be taking this picture on another day. Poor baby!

Happy Birthday William!

Trey, William and I went to the Gristmill this evening to celebrate William's 1st Birthday.
William really enjoyed his strawberry shortcake treat - so did Mom and Dad!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Misc. Pics From GW

William is all dressed-up in his George West Longhorn outfit ready to go to the "big city".
Little stinker..William is trying to swipe Mimi's glasses
Papa Tom and William enjoy the sunset in George West.
William is giving a little love to his favorite dog Fletcher.
William had a great time exploring the countryside at Mimi and Papa Tom's.
Thanks for letting us stay with you Gram! William is already dreaming of the next trip back to the country.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Happy Birthday, Trey!

We celebrated Trey's B-day today....

Monday, September 1, 2008

Lazy Labor Day Weekend

William is watching Daddy very carefully to make sure he fixes the door correctly. This weekend Trey and I went to the Parade of Homes in San Antonio while Aunt Lindsy watched William. After the Parade of Homes Trey and I also celebrated his big day with some delicious seafood. Who me? I wasn't getting the pots out.
Trey put William's swing up in the backyard and I am fairly sure he would stay out there all day if we let him.
Mr. Daredevil - It hasn't taken William long to figure out how to climb up his slide. He likes to put his cars and tractors at the top and push them down - he laughs everytime.
Today William showed Mommy and Daddy that he can go down the slide by himself on his tummy. We can't wait to see what trick he comes up with next.