Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Slow Days at Home

 We love slow days at home!  The boys enjoy spending time outside in the leftover sand, on the trampoline and working with Daddy. 

 Trey welded our new dog pen for Fletcher.  Last weekend my parents brought him back to us after watching him for a year.  Fletcher seems to like his new pen, and William has taken to him very quickly.  Trey did a great job on the pen.  He has many hidden talents!
 Trey and the boys planted a red oak in our front year last weekend.  We are just about to start getting our front yard put in.  I see a lot of labor in our near future. 
 William - 4 years old
 Westin had his own shovel and he did his best to help out with the process.
Westin - 1 Year Old

Welcome 2012

 William and Westin on the trampoline that Santa brought them.

 William's first trip to the bowling alley. 
 William and Walker on New Year's Eve
Reed and William eating cupcakes on New Year's Eve.
We welcomed in the the new year with family friends.  We have decided that 2012 is going to be a bit slower than last year.  Hopefully, we won't be starting any new jobs or building another house.

Christmas Continued

 More Thomas and Friends trains!

Santa was good to the boys this year.  William got the Thomas the Train logging station that he had hoped for, and Westin got a new ride on car and some other fun toys. 

Christmas 2011

I have been away from blogging for awhile. I will be posting many pics from various Christmas and winter outings.