Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Scribble, Scribble

Happy Face - William had his 15 month check-up yesterday and everything looks good. Basically, he is tall and thin and developing quite well. He can now say about 60 words and seems to be learning a new one every day. Today he learned Elmo and bite.
William enjoyed scribbling with his new toy today. Everything was going well until he decided that the crayons were shaped like a ball. When the crayons started flying we had to stop.

William will dance to the music while trying to make some very beautiful art.

Christmas 2008

William spent a lot of time hanging out with Papa Tom. Papa Tom always takes William outside...
William wasn't sure what to think of all the goodies that Santa left him. He has now adjusted and he especially likes diving in the pit of balls.
Another new tractor...how did Santa know?

Hanging out with some of his cousins.

William left a tasty treat for Santa. I am sure he enjoyed the snack.