Saturday, October 13, 2012

William and Westin's Birthday Party

William and Westin had a great day with many friends and family.  
 Picture with my high school friend, Joanie and her beautiful babies.  (Wish Charlotte hadn't been cut out:(
Trey and my dad built this swing set for the boy's birthday gift. Unfortunately, it rained and the kids didn't get to play on it.  
 William loves our neighbors!

 Yea...a Dreamlite! 
 Westin and his new easel
William, Gram and Westin

Helping Dad

 Daddy's Little Helpers 

Comal Fair 2012

 We braved the rain and humidity this year to attend the Comal County Fair.  The boys especially loved the baby chicks this year.

UT vs WVA Football Game

 A company Trey does business with took us to the UT/West Virginia Game.  We had a great time even though UT last by 3.  The crowd was the largest in the school's history - 102,000!