Saturday, May 12, 2012

1st Fiesta Event

Gabe and Nina invited us to our first Fiesta event.  It was the night parade with the lighted floats.  William had a great time!  I had no idea how popular this Fiesta event would be - people were packed in everywhere. 

Learning to Ride a Bike

 My big boy is learning to ride a bike.  He's had a few crashes, but we are working on the process. 

I am explaining the basics. 
 We are also learning how to maneuver the new rope swing.  William is a big fan of this swing.
Westin spends his time playing in the water table. 

Mother's Day 2012

 Westin is now 19 months old and learning new things every day.  We just had his check-up and everything looks great.  He is in growing taller and gaining weight as expected.  His vocabulary is growing by the day. 
 My precious William is 4 1/2.  He is learning to ride a bike and is currently interested in any kind of bug he can catch (especially rolly pollies). 
 My two precious gifts from God.  I am so proud to celebrate each Mother's Day with these two little guys. 
Our Crew - Spring 2012

Snake Farm

 William checking out some very large snakes.  
 Westin and the baby crocodile. 
 Mimi, Westin and Papa enjoyed their day at the Snake Farm in New Braunfels.  The weather was perfect for an outside outing with animals. 
 Papa and Westin watching the buffalo drink water. 
 The monkies were the biggest hit.  They reminded us of two little boys we know.
 No, no, no.....
 The goats were attacking William for the feed.  When I turned around they were trying to eat the bag. 
 Westin and I were admiring the turkey who was admiring the peacock.