Thursday, July 30, 2009

Many Trips to Schlitterbahn 2009

William going down the "big" slide. The first time we came to this park he wouldn't even try the littlest slide. Towards the end of the summer he would go down this slide on his tummy(after watching the big kids do it).

William and I have made about an average of two trips a week to Schlitterbahn this summer. I have enjoyed watching him try new things and meet new people. I have been surprised to see that he is willing to try most things.

William loved to play on this large ship with the slides. I liked it because the water is less that two feet deep and I can easily follow him around the ship. He loved steering the ship with this wheel.

He likes to try to put his body under water and say that he is swimming. Next summer we are going to sign-up for swimming lessons.

Summer 2009 Pictures

Yum, Yum! William had his first taste of angel food cake with whipped cream and strawberries. He kept saying, "I want some more".
William is currently interested in trains, so Trey and I took him to ride the train at Landa Park. He truly seemed to love the experience.

Riding the train at Landa Park
Yes, Trey did manage to squeeze into the small train. We all had a great time.
I put this picture on here to remind me that Trey and William both loved watching the movie Cars this summer. I am still not sure who enjoyed it the most.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

21 Month Update

William at 21 Months Old
William is now able to say some complete sentences, say please and thank-you fairly consistently, count to 13, say his ABC's (out of order), independently remember most of his family when saying his prayers, do front rolls by himself, and attempt to drink out of a regular cup. Trey and I have truly enjoyed watching each of these small tasks being learned.
"Mommy Moments" -
-After Trey put his new car seat in my car this week William said, "I like my new car seat" and "Thank you Mama for the car seat".
-When we walk in his room at night after brushing his teeth he now goes by himself to his rocking chair and says, "I say prayers Mama."
-When he spills something he says, "Oh-My-Gosh!"
- Another one of my favorite William sentences comes first thing in the morning when I go to pick him up he says, "Good morning Mama, I sleep good last night" - I used to have to ask him if he slept good last night..not anymore :)
William's Proud Mother

Fishing Pictures

Father's Day Weekend 2009 - Shay and I decided to go fishing with Dad for the day. We all had a great time and I am fairly sure my fish was bigger than Shay's fish.
William playing in the sand at the beach. Thanks Gram for the toys!

Don't we look like professional fishermen!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Fun Friday at Landa

Today we had a great day playing with my friend Jill and her son Carter at the Landa Park pools. William really enjoyed getting to hangout with a big boy like Carter. (Carter and Jill are in the first picture and William is in the second. )

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Visit with Baby Kayla

Last weekend Trey, William and I went to meet my cousin's new baby. She is just adorable. It is hard to believe they come this small and she weighed over 8 pounds and was 22in long.
William would not get very close to her. I think he was scared that we might take her home, she was awfully cute. Vanessa seems to be adjusting well to having two little ones. Congrats Vanessa and Todd!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Slow 4th of July

We enjoyed a very slow 4th of July this year. Trey grilled some delicious fish and shrimp and we sat outside and enjoyed the nice weather.
William and Fletcher looking at the stars.

William riding Fletcher.
William resting on Fletcher.

William and I took his lantern and explored the backyard at night.

Trip to "Island" in NB

William enjoyed picking the bark off of this beautiful tree. He does this at home with our crepe myrtle tree too.
Rosemary, William and Janice (My boss)

Janice invited us to come play in the water with her grandkids this last week. The water was a little cooler than William was used to and this picture shows about how deep he got in the water.