Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas 2012 Part 2

 Cookies are baked for Santa...with a few missing!

 Mimi and Papa bought both boys new scooters.  William had this type of scooter and rode it until the wheel feel off.  He was thrilled to get a new one with all wheels attached.
 Mom and Dad gave in and bought William a Leap Pad.  He was very excited!
 Yea, a Dream Lite!

 Westin rolling on his new turtle scooter from the Davis Family
 Kate, William, Westin, Caroline and Sydney
 My poor baby Westin was sick the whole week. 

Santa brought the boys their first set of wheels.  It actually goes pretty fast and Westin is thrilled to be along for the ride. 

Christmas 2012

We made a trip to see all the beautiful lights at Santa's Ranch.  Westin was quite a good driver and I don't think he took out too many of the displays.  

 William had his pre-school program at Gruene Tree.  He was very focused on ringing the bells at just the right moment.  His class performed Away in a Manger. 

 This year both boys played active roles in the decorating of the gingerbread house and train.  I had to take a few breaths as the pieces of candy kept falling everywhere. :)

 Westin was only interested in eating the cookies we made for Santa.  I caught both of them snacking more than decorating.

 I sure want Santa's cookies
William stopping Westin from eating Santa's cookies.  Westin just couldn't understand why he couldn't have one bite.