Saturday, October 1, 2011

Westin's 1 Year Football Picture

 1 Year Football Picture. This picture gets a little harder each month.  But, here we are at the 13th picture with the football.
Here is a picture of Westin when he was only two weeks old.  I can't believe how much has changed this year.
 Hey everybody, this is how old I am! 
I said, I am ONE! 
 I recently bought a new camera and have just now taken the time to figure out the new process to upload my pictures.  I am so excited to finally be able to quickly capture some really great moments. Here is a conglomeration of some recent favorite pictures.
 William finally overcame his fear of jumpy castles.  He now loves them!  Silly boy.
 Wonder where the toys have been going? the diaper pail.
 Push it over like this.....
 Just like that, they are gone.  Now we know where the toys have been going. 

William getting a kiss from the donkey at the rock yard.  

Not another kiss!
Papa, Aunt Lindsy, William and Westin after a hard evening of hunting birds. 
Mommy and Westin before Samanda's shower. 

Aunt Bridgett and Westin
Bridgett (Trey's Mom) and Trey
Daddy and Westin checking the house out.  

William's 4th Birthday Party in GW

 William had his 4th Birthday Party in George West at his Aunt Shay's house.  This year he wanted a Hot Wheel's chocolate cake.  

 William's double chocolate cake that he requested.  It sure was good. 

 I love cars!  It doesn't matter how many cars he gets, he loves them all!
 YEAH! Another Thomas the Train toy.  These are his favorites!
William and Gram

 It is tough celebrating all the birthdays.  William fell asleep with his new gun, book and hat on his way to New Braunfels after his fun birthday weekend in George West.

William and Westin playing with all of their new birthday toys.  

William Turns 4

This year William's actual Birthday was on our Fair Day.  We met up with some of his friends and spent the morning at the Comal Fair.  He had a great time!  
 William would only sit on the John Deere tractors.  His Great Grandfather would be proud.  In this picture he is with his friend Jamie.

 William riding a carousel  for the first time without me holding on.  He did just fine:)
 Landon, Reed, Jamie and William riding a ride at the carnival.  
 Mattie, William, Jamie and Me riding a fast roller coaster.  
Watch out drivers... Reed and William are behind the wheel!  In about 12 years I am going to retake this picture when they really are hitting the open road.  I'm going to start praying now.

Birthday Present

 Trey built William and Westin a rock box at our new house for their birthday present.  It has been so nice to have something for them to play with when we go out to the house almost every day.  Westin loves to fill his dump truck with rocks...over and over again!
 Such a handy daddy!

Westin Turns 1

 It is so hard to believe that my baby has just turned 1! We celebrated William and Westin's birthday's at Aunt Shay and Uncle Tom's house.  Westin now has four teeth and is still a very fast crawler.  He is adding more words to his vocabulary, and is still a very easy baby.  He likes to clap, give the touchdown sign, cover his eyes for peek-a-boo, blow kisses, and show us his pretty eyes.  I am so thankful that he is still very cuddly and baby like.  I am not rushing anything.
 Why are all of these people looking at me?  

 Westin licked some of the icing off his cake, but really didn't dig into it.  He did manage to have fun, and make a pretty big mess.

 Playing with the new toys.  Thanks Mimi and Papa Tom!
                                                Thanks for the new hat Aunt Lindsy!