Monday, June 29, 2009

Thank You - MiMi!

My Mom watched William this weekend and when we got home from our evening out this is what was found in the playroom. A happy little boy with a tent and a lantern.
Last night I told William it was time for bed and he ran in the tent and said, "night, night Mommy".
It was nice for Trey and I to go out for a real "grown-up" evening . We went to a beautiful wedding in San Antonio and had a great time. Thanks, Mom.

Trip to Children's Museum

Mimi is helping William saddle-up for some fun at the Children's Museum.

MiMi, William, Sydney and I went to the Children's Museum in NB this last weekend. William enjoyed all of the activities. I would have to say that he could have played in the water area all day if we would have let him.
William squirting his cousin Sydney.
William checking on Sydney in the back of the ambulance.
In this picture William is giving me all the money in the bank. In the years to come we will definitely have to work on better money management.

Trip To Indoor Park

William played on this large, wooden truck most of trip to this park. It sure is a great idea to have an indoor park in a town that is averaging temperatures in the 100's.
Up, down, up down...I had a pretty good workout just following him from playscape to playscape.

William and his friend Mattie deciding who can drive the fastest. In 14 years we are hopeful that neither of them are reaching these excessive speeds.