Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Schlitterbahn - Papa Tom and MiMi

Papa, MiMi and Kate joined us for a full day of Schlitterbahn.  We stayed the whole day and had a great time.  We even covered all three sections. William rode the Master Blaster and Dragon's Revenge for the first time with me while Kate rode it with Papa Tom. We all got to ride the new river with rapids.  Westin was such a trooper.  He and MiMi hung out at the kid pool while we rode some of the bigger rides.  William also got to ride the Schlitterbahn bus for the first time.  He has wanted to do this for awhile :)  Some of my group pictures will not let me rotate them so you will just have to turn your head!  :)

Baby to Big Boy -Westin's First Haircut

 Westin is now 21 months old and he just got his first haircut.  Trey has been wanting to get this done for quite a while, and I finally gave in after a lady told Trey how pretty his little girl was. 
 Westin was such a big boy! He didn't cry at all throughout the whole process.  It helped that Thomas the Train was on the TV and he got to sit in the fun airplane. 
 He also had a cheering squad for the event.  Papa Tom, MiMi, Aunt Shay and Caroline.
 Mr. Handsome
 One happy dad!
All smiles after the first haircut!  This was a sad milestone for me.  I wasn't interested in letting Westin grow-up.  Oh well, he will still be a baby to me.