Saturday, May 14, 2011

House Update

 Day 1 of Framing - We were shocked to see how quickly they got the walls up on the first floor. 
 Front Door
 William standing at the entrance to his room.  He likes to give the tour and show off his space. 
 Trey in his favorite room- the garage! 
 This morning Trey and Bart placed this metal beam through the ceiling of our garage.  The beam was inserted to add extra support for the second floor.  I was very impressed with Trey's ability to maneuver the extending forklift. 
 Trey decided to help the framers out by using the forklift that he already had to rent for his beam.  In this picture Trey is setting the glu lams in on top of his beam. 
The framers were speaking Spanish, but I could tell they were quite happy with how well all of the huge pieces had perfectly fit together.