Friday, June 1, 2012

Random Summer Pics

 We have also spent several evenings at our neighborhood pool.  William insisted I take this picture at just the moment he hit the water.  It took a few tries...
 Westin about to....
 .......splash me!

 Putting the boys to work.  It's nice to have a little help with all the pool gear.

Spaghetti anyone?
Happy Memorial Day!

Last Day of Pre-school

William on his last day of pre-school at Freihite.  He will be going to a school closer to home next year that won't start quite as early and isn't 5 days a week.  We figure he will have 13 years of that 5 day of week thing. 

Schlitterbahn Summer 2012

 We have already made it to Schlitterbahn 3 times and each time it gets a little easier to take both boys.  By the advice of friends I have been able to figure out which areas are easiest to keep both boys safely entertained. 

 William in the car wash. 
 Westin is getting a little braver each day.  I'm not sure if this is good or bad.

 This was after the first trip to Schlitterbahn..pure exhaustion. 
Sleeper #2.  It was a great day.