Thursday, July 26, 2012

First Soccer Experience

 Evening of the first day of soccer camp.  This was William's first soccer experience and he really enjoyed it. 

 Coming over for one of many water breaks.  It sure is hot at 7:00 pm. 
William did a great job of listening and trying to learn the fundamentals of the game.  He did tell me that he is interested in playing this fall. 

Lake LBJ with Friends

 Ryan and William about to take off on William's first Sea Doo ride.  William made Ryan promise to drive very slow.  After a few minutes on the water they go zooming by.  William had changed his mind and decided that going faster was much more fun! Ryan is such a great guy.  He set up the slide, drove William through the tunnel he loves on the boat, drove them on the Sea Doo and even let Westin drive the boat this weekend. 
 Ryan, William and Walker going out for a ride on the lake.
 After William and Walker went for a ride Westin started saying it was his turn.  He enjoyed it too.
 I believe I can fly!
 Love this pic.  Westin, Walker, Clark and William enjoying a fun ride on the lake.  It's really hard to get the whole group to sit still for even a moment.
 Jenny, Clark, Westin and I took a slow ride on the float behind the boat.  Westin wasn't a fan so we gave the guys the kids and Jenny and I held on for dear life!
 Westin and Clark digging in the sand. 
Walker and William