Friday, August 24, 2012

William Meets Ms. Shelia

William and I went to meet his new pre-school teacher this week.  His new teacher's name is Ms. Shelia and she was very warm and welcoming.  William will be going to pre-school two days a week and the school is right down the road from our house.  It is so hard to believe he'll actually be starting kindergarten next year at this time.  My precious baby boy keeps trying to turn into a big kid!

Store Manager?

 The store manager. 

When my boys are quietly playing I always know they are up to something.  This time was no different.  William took everything out of Westin's closet and organized it like a store.  I was very impressed with his organization skills, but a little stunned when I caught the first glance of the organized chaos.  The thing I was most impressed with was his plan to get his brother to leave it all alone.  He made Westin a great pallet with all of his favorite blankets and toys, worked like a charm!  Westin was so comfy he never even got up to mess with the "store". I hope these skills serve him well in the future :)