Sunday, June 12, 2011

Trip to George West

 William spent the week in George West attending swimming lessons with Mimi.  We were very excited with his progress. He spent one night with Aunt Shay, one night with Gram and one night with MiMi.  He did great!  I missed him so much and got down there as quickly as I could on Wednesday.  He is getting to be such a big boy. 

 Kate, Westin, Me and William
Westin enjoyed his time in the water too. 
 My nephew Ronan came over for a play date and got to enjoy a little turtle ride.
 William will now jump off the side and swim to us.  I am working on filming him swimming.  It seems I am always in the water with him or holding Westin. 
 William's older cousin Caroline is such a big help. 
 Caroline busted "watching" Westin ;)
                    If you look really close you can see William under water swimming to the girls.
Westin 8 Months Old
One of William's favorite things to do in George West is take a ride on the mule at Aunt Shay and Uncle Tom's house.  We were "hunting" for rabbits.  Thanks for the tour Caroline and Kate.