Friday, September 18, 2009

Kitchen Update- Late Nights and Laughter

Trey and I decided we needed to get new matching appliances...isn't that how the story always starts. In the end, we got new countertops, new sink, faucet and we tiled our backsplash too. When we decided to replace the backsplash we thought we would just pop the tiles off and put the new ones up. We ended up having to take the wall down and redo the drywall - the tiles wouldn't come off! We stayed up until 3am a couple of nights and finally got it done. We both agree that it was worth all the work. We also need to thank Bart and my dad for helping out along the way.

Big Boy Bed Challenges

Last week William started climbing out of his baby bed and so we went out and purchased his first "big boy bed". In this picture you can see the side effects of not sleeping much. He was literally sleeping while eating his yogurt. Poor baby was exhausted - so are his parents!

This was right after we got his bed - we actually thought he was going to like it! He has started to adjust a little bit but we sure do miss him sleeping all through the night. We are trying to stand firm and not start sleeping in the bed with him(out of pure exhaustion). So far so good!