Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween 2008

William enjoyed playing in Aunt Lindsy's garage while we passed out candy. Trey took him to trick or treat at a couple of houses. At this stage of the game William was just fine eating his tasteless snacks and water.....I wonder how long we can hold off?

William decided to rearrange Aunt Lindsy's pumpkins.
Halloween 2008
Leann, Landon, Lindsy, Sydney, Me and William

Halloween Carnival

Pirate, Turtle and Skunk
We had a great idea to attempt our first Halloween carnival at a local church on the evening before Halloween. As we drove up we quickly realized that over a thousand other people had the same idea. Needless to say...we will try a smaller event next year.
Mr. Turtle

Misc. Pics

All clean after a nice bath.
I wonder what Fletcher will do if I grab his collar?

William is just about to place his hand in Fletcher's mouth. Fortunately, Fletcher will let William pull his tail, sit on him, poke his eyes and stick his hand in his mouth.

William is making sure Fletcher's water is just right.