Tuesday, July 10, 2012

4th of July

 We attended the 4th of July parade at the Plaza this year. 

 William checking out a hot rod. 
 We also planted some new plants on the 4th of July. Westin loves to move the, "wa-hose". 
We ended the night with some excellent steakes cooked by Trey and beautiful firewords that someone was shooting right near our back porch. 

Fun Summer Times

 Schlitterbahn with William, Sydney, Caroline, Westin, Aunt Lindsy and Mom. 
 We also made a morning trip to Landa Park.  It sure was getting hot by the time we left at noon.  Westin is starting to think he can climb anything his brother can. 
 Jamie and Reed also joined us at Landa Park. 
 My monkey climbing on the monkey bars. 

I think I should have bought stock in the train.  We have ridden in so many times and we all still enjoy it. 

Trey and William Fishing

Trey and William went fishing this last weekend at a stock tank near Canyon Lake.  William had a blast reeling in all the catfish.  I must say they tasted very good too!