Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Storyfest in George West

 We went down to George West for the day last weekend to attend Storyfest.  The weather was absolutely perfect for the annual festival.  For those of you all who do not know, George West is the Storytelling Capitol of  Texas. William enjoyed all of the unique animals in the petting zoo.  He told me he was feeding  "a huge dinosaur" in this picture.
 Trey stayed at my parent's house with Westin so that William and I could spend a little one on one time together.

 William and Kate on their annual "train" ride.  I don't know what we are going to do when Kate gets to old to ride the rides with William.  Thanks Kate!
 I wish you could have heard him laughing while this calf licked his ear.  At one point the animals were all coming after him for the feed in his hand.  I couldn't stop laughing.
                                                                   Caroline and William
 William gazing at the "huge dinosaur"!
 Dinner time!
Uncle Tom and William watching Kate climb the rock wall.

Westin's 1st Playdate

 My friend Jenny came over last week with her two boys.  As you can see in this picture both big brothers are very proud and helpful!  From left to right we have William, baby Westin, Walker and baby Clark.
 William and Walker found ways to keep themselves busy in the playroom while Jenny and I got to visit.  Luckily, no one got hurt.
Westin and Walker were born ten days apart and I look forward to all the fun that all of our boys are going to have in the future.  Wish us luck!