Friday, July 29, 2011

July 2011

 William and Kate going down the slide at Landa Park. 
 Shay and Westin observing.
 Westin has become mobile this month.  He is now able to travel around the house very quickly. 
 At Landa Park
 Westin stood up in the pantry today and was able to get his puffs.  He is well on his way to independence:)
Westin playing "drop and pick-up" with Mommy. He got his first tooth last week. 
William adding water to the hole he has dug in the backyard.  There obviously isn't much to do in our small rental yard. It sure is easy to maintain though.  
 Westin trying his new baby biscuit. 
 Holding on to his baby walker with just one hand.  He is getting a little closer to walking. 
Who me?  Westin surprised William as he crawled into the bathroom the other evening.