Saturday, August 15, 2009

Hoffmann Lane Faculty Picnic

We had our faculty party last night at Landa Park and this was one of the few moments Trey had where he wasn't preparing the 50+ hamburgers. We were very fortunate to have some cloud cover and a breeze.
This is what William was doing most of the time we were there. I have never let him get quite this filthy and he loved it, of course! He has a nice coat of white dirt from head to toe in this pic.

This is what I did the whole after this fast little boy!

Thanks Kristal for helping out with William while I set out the food!

Trey and Bart in action! I sure do owe Trey BIG.

Fun at Land Park

William and I went to check out the new playground equipment at Landa Park yesterday. They have really done a nice job of making a beautiful, functional playground. We are so lucky to live in New Braunfels.

William figuring out how to get the dolphin to go.

This is what he is always doing - running.