Saturday, January 8, 2011

Westin Rolls Over

Westin rolled over for the first time tonight.  Each day he is connecting more and more with his toys. 

Happy New Year!

 2010 was a very exciting year for our family.  Westin has been such a blessing and we are all looking forward to the excitement that is sure to come in 2011.  We are going to sell our house, move to a rental and start building on the land we have now had for 4 years.
This New Year's Eve we had friends over and William had a blast staying up late with them.  His sleeping patterns have been off ever since this night.  Pictured above: Walker, Mattie, William and Landon
                                         This is more like it!  The wild bunch.
 Jenny, Clark, Me and Westin.  Unfortunately, West was not feeling well this night.  I guess the partying just wasn't his thing this year. 
Trey, Westin, Clark and Ryan