Saturday, January 24, 2009

Landon's B-day Party

We went to Landon's 2nd B-day party today at J&R gym. William enjoyed exploring all the fun new equipment. The long trampoline was definitely a favorite.

William's first piece of cake. Sadly, he loved every bite.

Resting in the foam pit.

Thinking about sliding into the pit. After a few tries he became comfortable and tried to slide on his own. We had a great time at the party and William came home and took a long nap.

Misc. Pics

William and Mommy trying out the new swing.
Tree climbing already.....with a little help from Dad.

Visit with Montgomerys

We went to Austin last weekend to visit Trey's sister Bridgett, husband Gordon and beautiful nephew Ronan. Aunt Bridgett was well prepared for William with all the great toys. Thanks Aunt Bridgett!
Mealtime - the kids ate their usual tasty dinner and we had a wonder meal prepared by Bridgett.

Trey and our nephew Ronan.