Thursday, August 11, 2011

House Update

 Garage doors are in.
 Fireplace is finished.
 Tile in the boy's bathroom is installed, still needs to be grouted.  All interior is painted too.
 All exterior rock is now finished.
Tile went in the kitchen today.  House is moving along. 


My sweet little Westin is starting to find fun ways to entertain himself.  Today, he decided to unroll the TP.  He just gave me a huge smile when I caught him!

William Meets His Teacher

 Today, Trey and I took William to Freiheit Elementary to meet his pre-school teacher.  He has two teachers and three aids in his class and so far we only know Mrs. Tate's name.  His friend Reed was in the class last year and will hopefully show him the ropes this year. The teachers were very welcoming, and he already wants to go back to play with their train tracks:)
Trey and William walking towards our next big milestone:(