Monday, March 12, 2012

Spring Break 2012

 After several days of rain it was nice to get outside and let the boys play.

 They washed all of their vehicles with their pressure washer. 
Yes, I am still one!

 Trey got his garage shelving up and organized while the boys played in the dirt. 
We added some new plants to the front porch. 

Gram and Ronan Visit

 This past weekend Gram and Ronan came to visit.  We had such a great time watching the boys play together. 

 Trey helped the boys create the blue structure behind them. 
 Westin is trying to pet the longhorn.  
 William is such a good brother.  He is always looking out for Westin.  A little girl tried to take a toy from him and William was there to jump to the rescue. 
 Saturday evening we invited Walker and Clark over to make it a night with 5 boys.  They all played well together.  William especially likes to take care of Clark.

Balancing Act

I always worried about how I would be able to make time to play with two boys instead of just one...I think I finally have it figured out. 

Dirt, dirt and more dirt!

 We have been working hard to get our yard ready for the sprinkler system and the landscaping.  My dad, Bart, Trey and I worked to get the dirt loaded, dumped and spread. 
 One trailer load at a time....
My dad spread the dirt with the Bobcat while Bart and I used rakes to level it out. 
 One shovel at a time....
My mom helped watch the 3 Amigos!  I am not sure who had the most exciting job?!

Westin the Climber

 Westin wanted to climb the ladder in the living room a few days ago.  We decided to see how high he would go..... 
 Now he wants to climb it everytime he can. 
Look!  I can touch the top of the garage door ;-)

Wildlife Ranch

 A few weekends back we joined the Davis crew at the Natural Bridge Wildlife Ranch.  This is always a favorite trip for us.  The boys had even more fun going with their cousins. 
 Caroline, Westin and William checking out a really neat animal.  Uncle Tom knew the names of most of the exotics in the ranch.  Too bad I can't remember hardly any of the names. 
 Kate the Wildlife Girl~  She isn't really scared of much!
Caroline helped Westin feed all of the animals in the ranch.